5 Handy Extensions to Get You Started and Make Your Coding Life Easier and More Fun

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Why Visual Studio Code (VS Code)?

Why would you opt to use VS Code as a developer? Microsoft’s approach has really paid off for them, and for the over 14 million users that have adopted the text editor and integrated development environment. It really is an all-in-one solution but…

What Geocoding Is, Why You Might Use It, and Some Example Ruby Code

What is Geocoding?

one description of a location into another. Let’s say I have the city and state (New York, NY, for example) and I need to find the coordinates for this location in terms of the geographic coordinate system using latitude and longitude, or vice versa. Perhaps…

Classless Components (aka Function Components) and State: A Quick Overview with Syntax and Examples

State Hook Example from: https://reactjs.org/docs/hooks-overview.html

What are hooks?

Prior to React 16.8 which was released in February of 2019, if you wanted to use state in your React components you would have to refactor your existing code from a function component to a class component. With this React update, however, you have the option of using hooks, or…

Storing passwords correctly and securely in a database can avoid security nightmares, yet many organizations don't follow best practices and pay the price.

Storing passwords in plaintext in an organization’s database is a terrible idea. Database breaches are all too common, and if your organization’s database is breached, the attacker now has access to some if not all user passwords. Plaintext simply means that the data is stored in clear, human-readable format, such…

Why It’s Important to Hide API Keys, How to Do It, and What to Do If They’ve Been Exposed

Why bother hiding your key?

An API can be entirely free to use, it can be based on a freemium model and free to use up to a certain point of metered usage such as number of API calls per month, or entirely paid. In any of these cases, the organization managing the API will…

A Basic Review of What Frameworks Are and What Node.js Brings to the Table with the Express.js Framework and the MEAN Stack

What are web development frameworks?

There are many web development frameworks out there today: Rails, Django, and Laravel to name a few. At a very high level, a framework is a combination of a programming language and a set of code libraries and tools using that language that allow us to build the structure and…

Ruby Methods: Positional Arguments vs. Keyword Arguments

When writing methods in Ruby we often use positional arguments, where positional refers to the fact that the order in which we pass arguments when calling the method must match the order in which the parameters are set in the method definition. For example:

Example of working positional arguments in…

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