5 Handy Extensions to Get You Started and Make Your Coding Life Easier and More Fun

Visual Studio Code Screenshot
Visual Studio Code Screenshot
Photo by Ryan Putra on Unsplash

Why Visual Studio Code (VS Code)?

What Geocoding Is, Why You Might Use It, and Some Example Ruby Code

What is Geocoding?

Classless Components (aka Function Components) and State: A Quick Overview with Syntax and Examples

State Hook Example from: https://reactjs.org/docs/hooks-overview.html

What are hooks?

Storing passwords correctly and securely in a database can avoid security nightmares, yet many organizations don't follow best practices and pay the price.

Why It’s Important to Hide API Keys, How to Do It, and What to Do If They’ve Been Exposed

Why bother hiding your key?

A Basic Review of What Frameworks Are and What Node.js Brings to the Table with the Express.js Framework and the MEAN Stack

What are web development frameworks?

Ruby Methods: Positional Arguments vs. Keyword Arguments

Example of working positional arguments in Ruby

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